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La Lomita
The agricultural company "La Lomita" was established by Cantore's Family, on an area of 1,750 hectares. Part of the property is cultivated with tropical fruit plants; there are two productive branches operating inside the Company: Frutorca & Enfrutroca.
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FRUTORCA Frutas Orientales C.A.
Frutorca: food sector is transforming fresh fruits into juice and puree.
TheJuice and puree are produced from the fruits grown on the property. The Company's mission is to produce natural fruit Juice, not concentrated, no water, sugar, aroma or addictives added. Fruits are naturally sun ripened , squeezed NOT concentrated, and aseptically packaged (drums of 200 Kg.)

Enfrutroca: Envasadora de Frutas Tropicales C.A
Enfrutroca sector is a bottling plant. Karina bottles fruit juice, produced by Enfrutroca, using Frutorca puree and juice. Again the must is a natural product with no water,sugar,color,aroma or additives added. Fruit naturally sun ripened, squeezed, NOT concentrated, only pulp and juice , hot filled in 100% recyclable, environmently friendly Pet containers.